7 April 2016


The Utahs have a new instrumental track "Mindwarp" that was created specially for the game "Radial-G". "Radial-G" is on the Oculus VR platform.

It's unknown at the moment whether the track is included in the PC version of the game, but it will definitely be included in the PS4 version due out later this year.

1 March 2016

Swansong D'Amour on Valentines Day

The Utahs pulled the surprise trick of allowing their new track "Swansong D'Amour" to be downloaded for free from Soundcloud, for one day only, on Valentine's Day, February 14th.

The track can still be played via Soundcloud on the band's Soundcloud but the download option is no longer there.

25 September 2015

A peek into the studio

Utah Saints have been featured on the Music Radar website here, with Tim giving a bit of background to some of the hardware that makes up the Utah studio.

30 July 2015

Swansong D'Amour

On July 29th, Mistajam played an exclusive new Utah Saints track on his Radio 1 show. The track is called "Swansong D'Amour"

For a limited time, listeners in certain countries can use Radio 1's Listen Again features to have another listen: http://t.co/bDkLR61v3p

31 January 2015

Fly Away

There hasn't been much in the way of new releases lately, but Utah Saints keep plugging away at DJ appearances and production.

As a sign that there's still plenty going on behind the scenes, the Utahs have decided to give away brand new track "Fly Away" for free via Soundcloud.


29 July 2013

Bizarre Inc "Playing With Knives"

There's a new set of remixes of Bizarre Inc's classic "Playing With Knives". Despite being released on Vinyl Solution, the original label that put out the 1991 classic version, this time around it's a digital-only release.

Among the 7 remixes is a brand new take on the track from Utah Saints! Despite being the melding of two 1991 legends, the remix is well and truly fresh for 2013.

It's available from various different digital outlets, including Amazon.

11 February 2013

Electronic Bass Music volume 1

As part of their Sugarbeat label, Utah Saints have been responsible for getting together the label's first compilation, "Electronic Bass Music Volume One".

There are no fewer than three exclusive new Utah items on there. Firstly there's a collaboration between Utah Saints and Rory Lyons, formerly of Cassette Jam, on a re-take of "I Got 5 On It"- yes, that track originally performed by Linuz back in 1995, but a new cover version with an electro twist! Secondly there's a Utah Saints remix of "Take Me Home" by The Kybosh, and thirdly there's the Utah Saints remix of "Meeting Point" by the Drumattic Twins!

It's a digital release, and you get all the unmixed original and remix tracks, as well as a continuous 52-minute DJ mix, all for a bargain price. It's available online from various digital outlets, including Amazon.

1 October 2012

DJ Fresh "The Feeling" Utah Saints remix

The DJ Fresh single "The Feeling" was released in September, and among the remix package was a thumping mix from Utah Saints.

The Utah mix has been getting some serious airplay from Radio 1, alongside the radio edit.

The single debuted at number 13 in the UK singles chart, and is available to buy from the usual outlets like iTunes and Amazon.

29 January 2012

What Can You Do For Me 2012

Utah Saints vs Drumsound & Bassline Smith "What Can You Do For Me" was released on Ministry Of Sound on 26th February 2012!

You can buy the EP on iTunes. Mixes include the 7th Heaven remix, Ill Blu remix, Tantrum Desire remix, Hervé's Speaker Junkie remix, and Felix Leiter & Mark Maitland remix. The extended Utah Saints vs Drumsound & Bassline Smith mix is available seperately, and there's a second remix bundle from Herbgrinder, Paul Morrell & MNVI, and Campo Hariendes.

There's also a 4-track vinyl version available from shops like HMV and Amazon, though sadly it's the first Utah Saints single not to be released on CD.

Drumattic Twins- Meeting Point E.P.

The next release on the Sugarbeat label is going to be Drumattic Twins' "Meeting Point E.P."

There are remixes from Utah Saints, Rory Lyons and Herbgrinder. I don't have a release date at the moment but hopefully it's just around the corner.

11 September 2011

Utah Saints in Computer Music

Utah Saints are the featured band in the October 2011 issue of "Computer Music" magazine. There's a 4-page article in which Jez and Tim talk about the band's past present and future, some in-depth looking at some of their studio techniques, and on the accompanying DVD-ROM there's a 56-minute QuickTime video in which Jez and Tim show you round the Utah studio and you get to see 'under the bonnet' of unreleased track "Fly Away"... Definitely the best 'behind-the-scenes' on the Utah's music ever.

22 May 2011

What Can You Do For Me 2011

There's a new batch of remixes of the classic Utah Saints track "What Can You Do For Me" being unleashed across dancefloors in 2011.

Among the remixers are Hervé (of the brilliant "Ghetto Bass" compilations), Doorly, Drumsound & Bassline Smith (who did the stomping drum & bass remix of previous single "Getting Better"), and Felix Leiter & Mark Maitland. There's a rumour of a brand new version from the Utahs themselves.

You can check out clips of some of the different mixes on the band's Soundcloud page now!

At the moment I don't know any release dates or other plans but will update this site when I do. UPDATE: See the more recent post "What Can You Do For Me 2012" for more information.

26 January 2011

Loopmasters sample pack

Loopmasters royalty free samples and loops

The Utah Saints have put together a collection of electro house & indie dance samples, aimed at professional music producers who want to inject some banging Utah-style work into their tracks. It's available now on Loopmasters.

These are over 500 noises and patches for serious producers, and the Utahs are the latest in a growing list of big dance names that have put together sample packs for Loopmasters, joining the likes of Timo Maas, Deadmau5, Justin Robertson, Todd Terry and Marshall Jefferson.

There's also a 3:12 demo song on the site which is completely constructed from samples out of the sample pack, and which in a way is a new instrumental Utah Saints track, though only one that's intended to show off the sample pack, rather than one that's going to rock dancefloors in its own right (but you never know).

Almost twenty years after Utah Saints first started making a name for themselves by (among other things) some high-profile sampling, everything has come full circle and you can now sample Utah Saints in your own music!

4 November 2010

Bang Bang Romeo "Little Love"

Another fresh new Utah Saints remix has surfaced! This time's it's of up-and-coming Leeds band Bang Bang Romeo's track "Little Love". It's on iTunes now and it's a belter.

Labelled as "Utah Saints vs Bang Bang Romeo" rather than a normal remix, the band like it so much they've put together a special video for it which is on YouTube here!

27 October 2010


The Utahs "Getting Better"! No, it's not a quotation of a value judgement- it's the artist and track name of the new download-only single from the-artists-also-known-as-Utah-Saints.

Yep, that's right, only nine years after their last new single (if you don't count "Something Good 08"), they have a new track available to download. It's called "Getting Better" (the working title discussed in some interviews was "Long Road"), and it's a massive electro-house stormer of a track. It's available now on iTunes, Beatport and all other good digital download outlets.

You can hear a clip of both the original and the Drumsound & Bassline Smith remix on Youtube right now!

6 March 2010

Mis-labelled old Toyah remix

On iTunes there's a compilation album called Future Sound Of Underground Garage, which includes a track that's labelled as TW "Then And Now" (Utah Saints remix).

In fact this is very badly labelled. The correct labelling should be Toyah "Now And Then" (DJ Tim Utah club mix). It's an old mix by DJ Tim from back in 1994.

If you haven't already got this mix then it's definitely worth 79p, but it's not a brand-new recent Utah Saints club stomper, which is what it's been dressed up to look like.

14 December 2009

The Losers "No Man Is An Island"

The second half of 2009 has seen Utah Saints remixes come think and fast, and here's another one. Long-time supporter of the Utahs, Eddy Temple-Morris, has got a Utah Saints remix done for his band The Losers. Utah Saints have remixed "No Man Is An Island", which namechecks some of Eddy T-M's favourite musicians.

It was released on 14/12/09 as part of a 5-track remix EP, available on iTunes.

DJ magazine said "the Utah Saints fluff up the electronics to qualify it for the synth-pop/electroclash olympics".

5 December 2009

Bring Me The Horizon "Football Season"

One of the tracks on Bring Me The Horizon's "Suicide Season- Cut Up!" album is a bouncy electro Utah Saints remix of "Football Season Is Over".

The original version of the track is only 1:55 but the Utahs have turned it into 5:02 of phat electro-house that has both bounce and bite. With the looped aggressive shouts of "party 'til your dead!" it's pretty relentless, then the ending is a real unexpected twist- instead of the normal mix-out you might expect, it twists into lush string noises and a lovely pure piano.

You can buy it, separately or as part of the 24-track album, on iTunes. According to iTunes it's been out since 2008 (though the copyright is 2009), so apologies that this news is a little bit on the late side.

Sound clips

I've added clips to this site for every Utah Saints remix I know about in 2009. As well as being attached to each post, here they all there:

Bring Me The Horizon "Football Season" Utah Saints remix:

Deekline "Don't Smoke" Utah Saints remix:

Girls Aloud "The Loving Kind" Utah Saints remix:

Killaflaw "Set Me On Fire" Utah Saints remix:

The Losers "No Man Is An Island" Utah Saints remix:

Myagi "Rock One" Utah Saints remix:

Myagi "Rock One" Utah Saints vs Zero B remix:

The Potbelleez "Kiss My Ass" Utah Saints remix:

The Twang "Barney Rubble" Utah Saints remix:

28 November 2009

Deekline "Don't Smoke"

Yet another brilliant new Utah Saints remix- that's three in the space of one week! This time round it's the Deekline classic "I Don't Smoke", which has a bunch of new remixes from Deekline himself, Krafty Kuts, Crissy Criss, and Ed Solo vs System.

The Juno listing has the full-length (6:20) Utah Saints remix, but there's also a Utah Saints radio edit version floating around.

Mixmag said, "Utah Saints mash it all together. Essential."

It was released on November 29th and you can find it on iTunes and other reputable online retailers.