14 December 2009

The Losers "No Man Is An Island"

The second half of 2009 has seen Utah Saints remixes come think and fast, and here's another one. Long-time supporter of the Utahs, Eddy Temple-Morris, has got a Utah Saints remix done for his band The Losers. Utah Saints have remixed "No Man Is An Island", which namechecks some of Eddy T-M's favourite musicians.

It was released on 14/12/09 as part of a 5-track remix EP, available on iTunes.

DJ magazine said "the Utah Saints fluff up the electronics to qualify it for the synth-pop/electroclash olympics".

5 December 2009

Bring Me The Horizon "Football Season"

One of the tracks on Bring Me The Horizon's "Suicide Season- Cut Up!" album is a bouncy electro Utah Saints remix of "Football Season Is Over".

The original version of the track is only 1:55 but the Utahs have turned it into 5:02 of phat electro-house that has both bounce and bite. With the looped aggressive shouts of "party 'til your dead!" it's pretty relentless, then the ending is a real unexpected twist- instead of the normal mix-out you might expect, it twists into lush string noises and a lovely pure piano.

You can buy it, separately or as part of the 24-track album, on iTunes. According to iTunes it's been out since 2008 (though the copyright is 2009), so apologies that this news is a little bit on the late side.

Sound clips

I've added clips to this site for every Utah Saints remix I know about in 2009. As well as being attached to each post, here they all there:

Bring Me The Horizon "Football Season" Utah Saints remix:

Deekline "Don't Smoke" Utah Saints remix:

Girls Aloud "The Loving Kind" Utah Saints remix:

Killaflaw "Set Me On Fire" Utah Saints remix:

The Losers "No Man Is An Island" Utah Saints remix:

Myagi "Rock One" Utah Saints remix:

Myagi "Rock One" Utah Saints vs Zero B remix:

The Potbelleez "Kiss My Ass" Utah Saints remix:

The Twang "Barney Rubble" Utah Saints remix: