28 November 2009

Deekline "Don't Smoke"

Yet another brilliant new Utah Saints remix- that's three in the space of one week! This time round it's the Deekline classic "I Don't Smoke", which has a bunch of new remixes from Deekline himself, Krafty Kuts, Crissy Criss, and Ed Solo vs System.

The Juno listing has the full-length (6:20) Utah Saints remix, but there's also a Utah Saints radio edit version floating around.

Mixmag said, "Utah Saints mash it all together. Essential."

It was released on November 29th and you can find it on iTunes and other reputable online retailers.

Killaflaw "Set Me On Fire"

A brand new Utah Saints remix of electro-house act Killaflaw. Release date: 19th November 2009.

Available from Juno Download as either MP3 or WAV. Some online stores (including Juno) are accidentally selling a shorter, radio edit version as 'Utah Saints mix' (3:26) but the real full-length version is 5:40. If you've bought the shorter version online, you can contact Killaflaw (maybe through their Twitter or MySpace) who will very kindly send you the longer one.

Myagi "Rock One"

Utah Saints have done a remix for great breaks act Myagi, who've collaborated with The Root Sellers on a track called "Rock One" (not "Root One" as I originally put- oops).

Not only is there a Utah Saints remix, but there's also a Zero B remix. Zero B is an old friend of the Utahs from 'back in the day', so as well as a Utah Saints, and a Zero B remix, there's a Utah Saints vs Zero B remix as well- three for the price of two! (well actually you have to pay for all three, but I mean remixers).

The Utahs mix is dominated by an absolutely furious sawtoothed synthy bassline, that builds and builds, before the track flips over into thumpy disco house. Another stormer. Mixmag said "Utah Saints and Zero B throw down a no-nonsense, four-to-the-floor bomb. Massive."

DJ mag said, "Utah Saints really pull out the stops, adding a huge electronic top line, and roping in Zero B- he of hardcore classic 'Lock Up' fame- to drop in yelps straight out of the old skool and some classic sounding breakbeats. They collaborate on a syncopated remix that makes great use of those head-freaking vocal cut-ups".

It was released on 26th November '09, and it's an exclusive to Juno Download. You can buy it here. Best of all, you can download it as MP3 (two different qualities) or as a .WAV file. Bosh!

Utah Saints mix:

Utah Saints vs Zero B mix:


Kiss my ass.

That's the name of the Potbelleez single that features a Utah Saints remix, which is an electro stomper, driven by a Moroder-style bassline and the heavily treated vocal. Alongside are mixes from Sharam Jey and Micky Slim. A bargain 79p on the old iTunes.

Vitalic mash-up

An unofficial one this one. A cheeky little man or woman called Twinkleboi (not, I would guess, their real name) has shoved some Utah Saints in with some Vitalic and put the results up for a very pleasant download here.

Some of the tuning is slightly, erm, challenging, but it's bustling with energy and it's a novel way to bring "What Can You Do For Me" up to date.

The Twang "Barney Rubble"

The Utahs are well and truly back on the remix scene. Following on from remixing Dub Pistols and Girls Aloud, the latest Utah Saints remix to surface is of indie band The Twang's single "Barney Rubble". It was released in July '09.

Buy it now on iTunes.

Pukka Up mix album

After last year's Fingerlickin' mix CD, there's another new Utah Saints mix album, though this one is download only. It was released in July '09.

It's called "Pukka Up", it's released on New State music. For the bargain price of £4.49 you get the 66-minute-long mix, plus 15 unmixed tracks, including the classic Deadly Avenger vocal mix of the Utah's "Lost Vagueness". Yet again it's on iTunes.

G-G-G-Girls Aloud

Utah Saints have done a remix for Girls Aloud. Yes, that Girls Aloud. It's a remix of the Pet Shop Boys-written "The Loving Kind", and it was released on iTunes in January '09. You can buy it now for the bargain price of 79p from iTunes.

27 November 2009

Site change

My old Utah Saints fan site was getting out and well out of date. You can still view it here if you want to. Here's a new simpler site for all the latest Utah Saints news I hear about.
The first thing I'll do is some brief updates of all the news from the last 12 months that I'd totally missed before.