11 February 2013

Electronic Bass Music volume 1

As part of their Sugarbeat label, Utah Saints have been responsible for getting together the label's first compilation, "Electronic Bass Music Volume One".

There are no fewer than three exclusive new Utah items on there. Firstly there's a collaboration between Utah Saints and Rory Lyons, formerly of Cassette Jam, on a re-take of "I Got 5 On It"- yes, that track originally performed by Linuz back in 1995, but a new cover version with an electro twist! Secondly there's a Utah Saints remix of "Take Me Home" by The Kybosh, and thirdly there's the Utah Saints remix of "Meeting Point" by the Drumattic Twins!

It's a digital release, and you get all the unmixed original and remix tracks, as well as a continuous 52-minute DJ mix, all for a bargain price. It's available online from various digital outlets, including Amazon.